Centre of excellence in the Croatian language

The goal of the Centre of Excellence for the Croatian language is nurturing and constant care of our mother tongue, to encourage linguistic research, training in language and to develop an eye and ear for language differences.

Students take part in many activities throughout the year which are organized by the centre. Many of the students participate in county and state competitions in the croatian language. As part of the centre, there are many excursions. Our students were taken to the Faculty of philosophy and Language institute where they took part in interesting workshops and lectures.

Except only studying the Croatian language and literature, our school is using it’s TV equipment to develop filmmaking, multimedia and journalism skills. The centre enlists 50 4gifted students (both elementary and high school) and 4 mentors. The project is funded by Varaždin County. Professor Valentina Šinjori, a Croatian professor in our school, is one of the leaders of the centre.  





"Students and professors that love the croatian language, those who feel the unusual and amazing magic of the word take part in the centre. Together they investigate new media and the language of media. Students that participate waht to leave a mark on the wall of our time and our town – with their words."