Centre of excellence in new technologies

The main goal of this centre is to strenghten the cooperation of vocational schools in the field of information technology and electromechanical engineering and1 improvine the success of students in vocational education in technical and engineering careers. The specific objective of the project is to further strengthen the technical and organizational capacity of The Electromechanical school Varaždin, with an emphasis on the introduction of innovative activities as well as networked educational environment for mechatronics and other new technologies. This project will establish the conditions for the development of a vocational curriculum in the field of mechatronics and robotics. Work in the centre is done with 20 gifted students and 4 mentors.

Our partners for this project are: 

Technical School Nikola Tesla Vukovar, Faculty of Organisation and Informatics Varaždin and Vukovar-Srijem and Varaždin County 

"The project has gotten really far since its beginning. It's split into 4 modules in the field of mechatronics, some of which are industrial automatization, IT in industry, complex mechatronical constructions and so forth. Mechatronic technicians will really study those subjects in 4th grade and it will come of great use to widen their knowledge and to give them working experiance. Also teachers learned a lot about the topics and how to successfully pass their knowlegde onto students."