Center of excellence in physics

The Centre of excellence in physics began its work in 2008 on the initiative of the Varaždin County that funds the entire project.

It is located in the Electromechanical School Varaždin because the students of this school have won many awards at the Olympics competitions and State competitions in physics in solving both theoretical tasks and making independent experimental works. 

Both primary and secondary school students throughout the county participate in the work of the centre. The Centre manager is Damir Kliček, a physics professor at the Electromechanical School Varaždin, and the primary school manager is Slavica Novotni, a professor of physics in the First Elementary School in Varaždin. 

There are around 80 elementary school students that are divided into 6 groups. Each group is under the guidance of a different elementary school physics teacher. Students perform experiments, measurements and solve problems. They also prepare for competitions in physics. 

High school students are divided into 4 groups and there are around 60 of them. 4Each group is led by a high school professor. The groups are made according to the class years they are in. Students complete the tasks and prepare for competitions in solving theoretical problems. There is also an experimental group. There is a great interest for it and this year 30 students have signed up. 5Three physics professors work with those students. Students prepare for the Experimental State competition and prepare for the Tournament of young physicists.



The Centre is considerd a big success as our students have a place to sharpen their skills and to further develop their interest in physics. They have won many awards at many competitions and tournaments some of which were tournaments in China, Austria and Iran in which our students won a bronze medal (third place). 



One of our own physics professors is Denis Barčot, who works in the centre alongside with the centre manager Damir Kliček. 

"The Centre of excellence in physics is a great opportunity for our students to learn and experiment. We prepare for standard competitions held in Croatia, and we also prepare for the international physics olympiad. There are preperations for theoretical and experimental competitions. Students involved have access to our physics cabinet where they can find equipement and can even do experiments themselves! It's really fun, interesting and unpredictable." 



"The centre of excellence in physics gathers all interested elementary and high school students from all of Varaždin county. Many of the elementary school students enrolled in the centre later become students of our school and continue work in the centre. All the students get great foundation in problem solving and also experimental work that may be of use later in university. Many of our students, after successfully finishing university come here and with nostalgia think about the time they spent here."