MecTV is our school television. It works as part of the Centre of excellence in the croatian language. It was founded with the help of our county with the aim of providing working experiance for our multimedia technicians and to take over some jobs of our county television.

It's main and most demanding program is the „Pick your school“ campaign, where primary school students can get all information they need about all the high schools in our county so they can make an informed choice about their future education. MecTV does a live coverage of the event ensuring important experiance for our students and a better campaign in general. 

We also offer different services such as covering events, conferences, presentations, etc.

MecTV has access to professional video, audio and other tehcnical equipement. This ranges from Video cameras, studio monitors, microphones, Video/Audio mixers to so much more. 

The exact equipement we use is:
* 3 digital video cameras (JVC HM150 + JVC 750 + SONY NX3) – FullHD
* Video mixer – DataVideo – 6 inputs
* Audio mixer – Mackie – 10 inputs
* PA speakers – 2x bass 800W + 2x top 300W
* Editing computers
* Lighting – LED 2x 600W + halogen 2x1000W 

MecTV is led by prof. Tibor Bün, who teaches vocational subjects in our school, such as Multimedia technologies, Video, Computer science and others. 


"We created MecTV as a unique school project so we could enable students involved in media to get invaluable working experiance which will be of use in later education and life. Of course, all students interested in media can join MecTV."