Day of the Electromechanical School 2015.

A formal session in the premises of the Electromechanical Engineering School Varaždin Day was marked at the school which are with a large number of students, teachers and principals of other schools attended by the deputy mayor of the Varazdin County Alen Kišić and Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Varazdin County mr. sc. Miroslav Huđek. Deputy Governor of Varazdin County Alen Kišić welcomed all present students and staff of the school and congratulated them on all the successes which prove to be one of the best schools.

- In Varazdin County we are proud that in its composition we have a school like the Electromechanical School which in recent years and in many areas was ranked among the best schools - said Deputy Kišić adding that their county will continue to be a true partner in fulfilling many activities.

Director of the Electromechanical School Igor Kos spoke about the results that the school achieved, as well as all school activities.

- Behind us is perhaps the most successful year so far. Today is an opportunity to be a little relieved of teaching and emphasis on sports and socializing and summarize what we have done and to assign awards to the best students in the county, national and international competitions. We want to go forward and to be even better - said the director Igor Kos.

In addition to the formal session as part of the Electromechanical School day was also held a competition in sports and computer games. The students admeasured their power in basketball, volleyball, darts, chess, and prepared a quiz for the best students in the classes. Formal session was attended by the President of the City Council Hehet Josip, head of the Administrative Department of Social Services Danijela Vusić, head of the CES Regional Office Varazdin Jasenka Hutinski and president of the Chamber of Crafts of Varazdin County Mario Milak.