The topic of the meeting was water and its properties, and students of the Electromechanical School prepeared experiments, workshops and presentations on the properties of water that they will introduce to our guests. The school hosted teachers and students from Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece. For the participants of the project will be organized workshops and lectures, a tour of the city of Varazdin and visit to Plitvice lakes. This project is running since October 2013 until June 2015, and its total value is 22 500 EUR (EU-funded).

As a part of "CENT-Centre of Excellence in New Technologies"
 project an educational seminar was held from 12.11. to 15.11.2012.,
The education was in the area of programming automation PLC. The main goal of the 
training was to improve the professional competence of professional teachers from the School of electromechanical engineering Varaždin and Technical School Nikola Tesla Vukovar.

Viktorija Žunec and Saša Brezovec, students from the 2.g class were selected to participate in the screenplay workshop at the Festival of Children's Rights that is being held in Osijek from 20 to 22 November. They wrote screenplays for a short film on the theme “Diversity is just equal to everyone” as a part of their schoolwork in a school subject called Video under the guidance of their mentor prof. Tibor Bün.

At the 10th International Exhibition of Inventions, ARCA 2012 that was held in the lobby of the National and University Library in Zagreb, Katarina Horvat, a student from our school participated with her work.


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