The first press release, 31 January 2017

Since the beginning of October 2016 until the end of September 2018, six partners from several European Union countries are carrying out Erasmus + project called ECVET for work-based learning (short ECWORK) in the field of vocational education. This is the first project of its kind in the country. The total project value is € 182 185, all financed by the EU approved funds.

The general idea of the project is the application of ECVET methodology in the field of practical training for students at the international level, recognition of the ECVET points and standardization of learning outcomes for practical training. Therefore, it is the so-called "bottom up" approach.

The project will involve two vocational schools. One of them is Electromechanical School from Varaždin, Croatia, which is also the holder and coordinator of the project and Forave high school from Lousada, Portugal. Other partners are adult education institution IIEK Delta from Athens, Greece, Polytechnic Intercollege from Nicosia, Cyprus, adult education institution Fondo Formacion Euskladi SLL from Bilbao, Spain, and IDEK, an institution for providing consulting and training services from Piraeus in Greece.

The project will be realized during the implementation of several intellectual results as following: the study of European qualifications in the field of electrical engineering / mechatronics, a manual for teachers in the field of practical education, a manual for employers in the field of practical education, a manual for students in the field of practical education.

In addition, there will be a pilot practice for students from countries participating in the project for piloting the module of practical education and transfer of ECVET points through time-bound practice.

Two teachers from each partner organization will be participating in a five day training in the field of ECVET methodology in Greece. There is a plan for four transnational meetings where the participants will discuss the realized and the plans for the execution of other obligations, and about the final conference of the project planned to be held in September 2018 in Varaždin, Croatia. In addition, the project will be presented at an international conference that is dedicated to ECVET methodology.

On the first transnational meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, which was held in December 2016, the partners have agreed to all of the formal obligations of the project, way of communication, monitoring, evaluation and visibility of the project. At a meeting in Nicosia partners presented their institutions and schools, talked about their expectations, and described the tasks of the project. Work has started on the first intellectual outcome. In addition, the institution Intercollege as the host of the first meeting, informed the partners about the way they work, and organized a sightseeing visit with a guide.

Four virtual meetings are planned throughout the project. The project will be visible through its website, links to other sites partners, social networks, and on conventional platforms.