The objectives of the project The European Job Market of the Youth:

  • Increasing the link between education, mobility and labor market with the objective of helping students to familiarize themselves with the European labor market, life abroad and international environment.
  • The project is closely linked to innovative methods such as the widespread use of ICT, workshops regarding entrepreneurship, it is multilingual and concentrated on learning outcomes associated with real life.
  • Promoting language skills and self-confidence, improving presentation skills and responsibility for your team and personal work.
  • The participation of students in the project will enable easier and more successful start in the labor market, and to the teachers it will allow better knowledge based on IT, communication, innovative teaching methods, the development of creativity and basic skills in order to better prepare students to find their "place in the sun" on labor market

Students from Electromechanical School Varaždin participated in the Erasmus plus project held in the city of Kokkola in Finland from March 14 to March 18, 2016. Name of the project is The European Job Market for Youth. In addition to our students, students from Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Germany also participated in the project. Students representing the Electromechanical School are all studying to become media technicians and are currently in third grade. Dorothea Mrazović, Dario Gradečak, Patrik Šavor and Nikola Vnučec were accompanied by professors Dunja Turk and Sunčana Habek.

The program in Kokkola started on Monday, March 14 by visiting the school that was hosting the project, followed by a tour of the city and the program ended in the evening with a talent show. At the talent show the students showed their skills of singing, dancing, playing ... The next day in workshops called Leadership and negotiation students were learning and improving their skills in that areas. Very useful and interesting were the visits to local businesses where the students were able to see the way of conducting business in the Scandinavian countries, the similarities and differences to the way we work. The most interesting parts of the day were dedicated to winter sports. One night was scheduled for winter swimming and the students showed their courage and went swimming, in a lake where the temperature was 4 ⁰C which was later followed by a visit to a sauna.

23.5.2016. – 27.5.2016.

As part of the Erasmus + The European Job Market of Youth that was held at Electromechanical School Varaždin in the period from May 23. to 27., in total 28 host students and teachers from Poland, Finland, Turkey, Hungary and Germany participated. In addition to participants of the project 30 students and 9 teachers from Electromechanical School took part as well.