Teenager today – European citizen tomorrow

In Europe we face more and more intolerance towards people who are different concerning nationalities, cultural habits, disabilities and so on. We think that this, in combination with the economic crisis, is a dangerous development. Our project aims to increase tolerance by broaden the perspective of our youths, make the teenagers aware of our differences but most important of all, to discover how alike we are, using school subjects as common link.

Teachers from different subjects will be working together towards the goal of the project as a team. This will give us opportunity to reach our aim to make the students the European citizens of the future. A project like ours integrate all school subjects naturally, that means that all pupils and teachers involved will learn and grow as European citizens. But most important is that we will have the opportunity to show during our mobilities that life in the other partnership countries is not at all that different from their own.

All the project partners have met previously thanks to different EU sponsored programs and last year while visiting Cyprus we were recommended the Cypriot school. The common link between us is that the schools are enterprising and cooperative. Cyprus and Croatia have been involved in previous projects. Sweden and France met at three occasions (training/preparatory visit and visit during a school trip). We believe that this mixture of schools represent Europe in a good way. The strength between the countries and the schools are the differences but also the similarities. The socioeconomic areas are pretty much the same.

Project activities