Konnex is the worldwide standard for residental and commercial buildings. It operates on a principle of „Intelligent housing“ and thereby achieves energy efficiency and significant energy savings. Energy-efficient buildings are no longer rare and all the more so encourages such. "Smart and green building," that is expected to more jobs in this area.

Konnex Association established in 1999. headquartered in Brussels, as the association of three previous European associations that dealt with the promotion of intelligent homes and buildings, and these are:

  • BCI (France), which promoted Batibus system
  • EIB Association (Belgium), which promoted the EIB system
  • European Home Systems Association (Netherlands), which promoted the EHS system 

Goals of the KONNEX association: 

  • Defining and testing quality standards by working and expert groups (KNX regulations)
  • Technical hotline for manufacturers who develop KNX-compatible devices
  • Issuance of KNX trademark based on the specifications laid down with KNX certification
  • Activities related to national and international standardization
  • Support training through certification training centers
  • Promotional activities (websites, fairs, brochures ...)
  • Support the establishment of national groups
  • Scientific and technical partnership with institutes
  • Subsequent support for legacy systems 

 The Electromechanical school Varaždin was registered in 2011. as one of four training centers in Croatia for the acquisition KNX certification.

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