ACES project

Aces (Academy of central European schools) is an initiative of the FIRST Foundation coordinated by the Intercultural Centre in collaboration with VČELÍ DOM. Each year, many schools from Albania, Austria, 1Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic and Slovenia get one or several partner schools. Together with their partner schools they get a project that they have to complete.

 Our school was part in two aces projects: One project was in partnership with a Slovenian high school in Celje, and the project title was: “Modern day’s influence of media on young people”.

Another was in partnership with a Macedonian high school in Skojpe, and the project title was: “Physical theatre – with people with and without disabilities”.3 In general in aces you have a “Kick-off” meeting where you get introduced with the year’s general topic, have some workshops and get to know your partner school and start planning4 the continuation of your project. After the “Kick-off” you really need to start planning. The usual routine is that there are two mobilities (if there are 2 schools involved). In each mobility one of the partner schools visits the other partner school. On those mobilities there are various workshops, excursions and practical work all themed after the topic of your specific assigned project. After the main part of the project is finished, there is a final meeting called “aces Academy”. There you present your project with your partner school to all of the aces community. Projects are then judged and ranked, and thebest projects in 5 different categories get special recognition. There are6 also workshops and other fun activities to conclude such an amazing project. On both projects our school had students and teachers involved and it was an amazing experience. Travel, meeting new people, learning about a variety of topics and getting involved is really invaluable.  



Some of our teachers and students involved in aces projects are prof. Suzana Ljepava, Domagoj Dugi and Doroteja Mrazović

"The project was indeed useful. Teachers got new ideas for improvement of working environments. In my project which was more media focused, students learned a lot about using professional studio equipment and that’s how we got our school television (MecTV) team which started working right away! There are many great things that came from this project, and there isn’t any use in counting them all, it’s enough to say that it’s been amazing and an experience where students and teachers can equally grow." 





"We took part in the „Physical Theatre“ aces project. We had various activities in Macedonia, many excursions and all sorts of other fun and educational programs. The main thing though, was the organisation, rehersal and preformanse of a play (Physical Theatre) alongside with deaf-mute students. They tought us sign language and were amazing to work with. We also got to know Macedonian culture and their language. It was a great experiance that we'd absolutely recommend to anyone, and repeat anytime."