Leonardo da Vinci

Our school took part in a few Leonardo projects so far, some of them being in Germany and Finland. Both students and teachers went to Germany, but only teachers went to Finland. In both projects there were many new experiances and a lot to learn. In Finland we were guests to one of their amazing high schools. It was a fully equipped technical school in which we gasped for many an awe. In short: we learned a lot and also had the chance to see other schools and cultures.

One of our teachers involved in Leonardno was prof. Sanja Đolonga, our German professor. 

"It was trully great. We were located for1 2 weeks in Germany where we amongst other things went to see many graphic workshops and firms in action. Our students also participated in some workshops. Projects like this are always useful for us, because we can see where we stand in comparisson to other schools and other countries, and with that in mind, we can improve."